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  healing the feminine through compassion and the masculine through peace.

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The  Multidimensional treatment “21 days with Kuan Yin and Archangel Michael” has as main objective to perform deep multidimensional healing, reaching the roots of the blocks and sufferings that prevent you from living in peace._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


Did you know that it is our own beliefs and blocks that keep us from receiving the blessings the Universe is ready to send us?

You have to be ready to receive what you want. The natural order of life is to have what our heart desires: material abundance, healthy relationships, physical, emotional, spiritual health… We were created in the Image and Likeness of God, so it is natural to live all the joys we desire. So what prevents us from achieving these purest desires of our soul? 


The objective is that with this multidimensional treatment, you can clean the blocks, beliefs, pacts, vows and everything that keeps you paralyzed in life:  It's pulling the weeds to may you plant your future in fertile land! 


All this treatment will be conducted by Master Kuan Yin and Michael the Archangel. Kuan Yin in several religions of Eastern origin is considered the deity of Mercy and Compassion, it is said that she reached full enlightenment, but she did not ascend to paradise because she had compassion on the sufferings of humanity and since then she intercedes for the transmutation of our karmas. through the energy of the violet flame. Kuan Yin comes to us, ready to bestow all requested blessings.


Miguel Arcanjo is traditionally known in the Christian world as the one who brings spiritual protection, who wins the battle against evil: "the great prince who rises in favor of the children of your people". Miguel Arcanjo comes to bring us the peace that our hearts long for; like a wave of clean water, it comes to cleanse us of all the spiritual residues that we carry unnecessarily.

If you are in a situation where you do not want to be, if you feel paralyzed, unable to flow in life and without strength to achieve your goals: this treatment is for you!





Public servant, graduated in law, mother of two children and therapist. Her first Thetahealing®️ session was in 2017 with therapist Junia Cascaes, in Brasília. A watershed in your life.


During the session they worked on many beliefs related to their position in the world, their parents, their marriage and motherhood. From that day on, he opened himself even more to self-knowledge and the search for his essence. There, he began to understand how he was reading the world through the lens of his family, his culture, and especially his past “mistakes”.

The search for his truth resulted in another session, and that's when he received the invitation to participate in the first Thetahealing ®️ course: Basic DNA. From there he never stopped. Several courses came, countless cures and a totally different way of seeing their reality. It went from victim to co-author of its existence.


Today, her job is to help willing people like her, to change their reality through various  techniques, offering both therapeutic sessions and courses and group experiences.O.



Raphaela Queiroz, who prefers to be called Rapha, is a trained jurist, public servant and energy therapist. In 2017, he found himself in the midst of daily bouts of anxiety, and after suffering from them for more than two years, seeking help from all traditional forms of treatment, he had contact with Thetahealing for the first time in May 2020, and then a new world opened up.


She felt as if she could breathe for the first time in a long time, and a true healing process through the inner dive began.  The tarot call, which had been a whisper for some time, became bigger, and she threw herself into intuition. The first thetahealing practitioner course came in July 2020 and she found that being able to help people, in the same way she was helped, touched her heart.


Since then he has done several trainings as a practitioner in Thetahealing, graduated in Multidimensional Therapy and Intuitive Tarot.


Currently, it is her heart's mission to use these energy healing techniques to help people find the roots of their issues and challenges, in a light and loving way. It wants, today, to be the hand that so many times it found itself extended. 

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Contract cleaning and

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Healing and resignification of the feminine

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energy support
during the 21 days

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meetings for
live treatments 

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Telegram group for
support and exchanges

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emotional healings

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Healing and resignification of the masculine

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Receiving blessings


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From 09/06 to 09/26
*Live classes on Tuesdays 

8 pm
*Brasilia time


Online  via Zoom Meetings and Telegram

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21-day energetic support with sending Shambala and crystal grid to the group;

Live classes once a week;

Recorded multidimensional meditations and treatment reports sent weekly  to the group; 

Morning meditation every Thursday live;

Weekly oracle sent in the group;

Telegram group for sharing and support

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BRL 261.00


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