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Thetahealing® Course

This is the most transformative course in the technique!

According to the creator herself, Vianna Stibal.

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This course is a deep journey into the human body through the discoveries and possibilities it offers. You enter into all the systems of the body, from organs, muscles, bones, glands and their functioning, as well as beliefs and all kinds of somatizations that can manifest in each of these systems. Here are integrated knowledge systems of the body, food, herbs and much more.

This course is an internal transformation process that offers healing to bodily systems through the energetic release of accumulated emotions.

In addition to all this, throughout the course you will be invited to perform deep healings in your own system (physical and energetic), testing up to hundreds of beliefs related to the systems of the human body. Each system brings you different emotions, challenges and situations to be resolved for a long time.

According to Vianna Stibal, founder of the technique, this is the most transformative course in ThetaHealing®.

-Here you will learn, explore and better understand the energetic mysteries of the human body;
-Study the overview of anatomy and physiology (in the physical and energetic perspective);
– Recognize the correlation between thoughts, emotions and illnesses;
– Discover new emotional programs and beliefs that are attached to each body system;
– Clear what is being occupied by negative emotions;
– Understand specific beliefs that come with illness;
- And much more that you will only discover if you dive into this great portal!






He is a Master & Science instructor of ThetaHealing®️ - Science certified 2 times and was Viannas assistant at Planes of Existence Instructor in 2021 and one of the only ones in Brazil to attend Planes of Existence 2 on the ONLY TWO TIMES that Vianna personally taught in Montana . Being an instructor of more than 15 courses of the technique, and with more than 30 trainings, the highest degree of ThetaHealing ®️, one of the few in Brazil.

Fabrício, with all his knowledge in more than 30 courses in ThetaHealing, certified by the Official ThiNK Institute and by the channeler of the technique Vianna Stibal, is preparing a very deep course. He is a holistic and energy healing therapist and a reseacher of the quantum and multidimensional world. He also has research and performance in the areas of human rights, social, personal and human development and mental health, due to its degrees in Law and International Relations. He has always been deeply connected to human development, in a search for well-being from the perspective of the “whole”. He felt a spiritual call in 2018 and began a deep journey of self-knowledge and self-healing, where he opened himself to the infinity of the Being and the Universe, also seeking the balance of what it is to live in human daily life.

He embraced his divine timing in supporting humanitys transformation through Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, Kindness, Compassion and Courage. He believes that humanity and planet Earth are ready to live the Age of Spirituality without burdens and without suffering and wants to share all the tools that allow us to evolve through love, joy, abundance and with lightness when we feel the full connection with the Energy of Creation, of the Creator of All That Is.

NOVA PORTAIS - Gradientes-06.png


NOVA PORTAIS - Gradientes-06.png

Study anatomy and physiology overview

(from a physical and energetic perspective)

NOVA PORTAIS - Gradientes-06.png

 Understanding specific beliefs that come with illness;

NOVA PORTAIS - Gradientes-06.png
NOVA PORTAIS - Gradientes-06.png

Clear that which is   being occupied by negative emotions;

 Recognize the correlation between thoughts, emotions and illness;


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11/07 to 11/23
(2 days break)


3pm - 10pm (GMT -3)


You and the Creator

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Online Via Zoom


Official Manual
international certificate
Human Anatomy book

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U$ 2,0000

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