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Thetahealing® Course

The great multidimensional expansion at ThetaHealing with the activation and harmonization of the eternal molecules and MerKaBah

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In Vianna Stibal's words, the "DNA 3" course is a "just in case course". "In case", we curators are called to act proactively for changes on planet Earth, such as altering the water molecule, developing our psychic powers for humanitarian missions and MUCH MORE in this very powerful course that was one of the biggest turning points in my development in the technique.

Let's work on the alignment of the eternal molecules, the release of human DRAMA, the powerful energy of BLESSINGS and more!

Imagine mastering the ability to BILOCAR when needed? Master your most predominant psychic elements and assume their powers? Master your MOST PREDOMINANT LAW and work in harmony with your potential? And truly become the 7th plane energy and witness healings at the mitochondrial level powering your sessions?






He is a Master & Science instructor of ThetaHealing®️, instructor of more than 15 courses of the technique, and with more than 30 formations, the highest graduation of ThetaHealing®️, one of the few in Brazil. Fabrício, with all his knowledge in more than 30 formations in ThetaHealing, certified by the Official ThiNK Institute and by the technique channeler Vianna Stibal, is preparing a very deep course for you to start in the technique, either for your own self-knowledge or for you to enhance your therapeutic work, since Basic DNA is for EVERYONE with no prerequisite who want to expand their consciousness and co-create their realities, becoming the true drivers of their lives. He is a holistic and energy healing therapist and a student of the quantum world. It also brings research and activities in the areas of human rights, social, personal and human development and mental health, due also to its degrees in Law and International Relations. It has always been deeply connected to human development, in a search for well-being from the perspective of the “whole”. He felt a spiritual call in 2018 and began a profound journey of self-knowledge and self-healing, where he opened up to the infinitude of Being and the Universe, also seeking the balance of what it is to live in human daily life. He embraced his divine time in supporting the transformation of humanity through Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, Kindness, Compassion and Courage. He believes that humanity and planet Earth are ready to live the Age of Spirituality without weight and without suffering and wants to share all the tools that allow us to evolve through love, joy, abundance and lightness when we feel the full connection with Energy of Creation, of the Creator of All That Is.

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NOVA PORTAIS - Gradientes-06.png

Harmonize your eternal molecules and activate your MerKaBah

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Witness healing at the mitochondrial level; 

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NOVA PORTAIS - Gradientes-06.png

Know your most predominant LAW and PSYCHIC ELEMENT and learn to MASTER IT; 

Learning to bi-locate; 


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June 19th to 23rd


6:30 pm - 11:30 pm


Intuitive Anatomy 
World Relations + You and the Creator + You and Inner Circle

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Online Live v ia Zoom Meetings


Official Manual
international certificate
100-day follow-up group

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BRL 3850.00

amount in cash or R$4040 in up to 10 interest-free installments


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