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Basic DNA

Thetahealing® Course

The Basic DNA course is the gateway to the great Universe which is the ThetaHealing® technique.

It is a course full of incredible tools that will allow you to expand your awareness


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The essence of this course is the practice that allows you to identify and change limiting beliefs, emotions and behaviors and replace them with positive feelings. During these three days, you will learn to identify your own beliefs and work them on yourself and also on other people.

Are you ready to TRANSFORM your life? Come train yourself in the fastest growing energy healing technique in the world. Scientific evidence is growing that our negative beliefs and emotions generate physical, mental and emotional illnesses and block us from doing things that make us full, abundant and genuinely happy.


Developed in 1994, the ThetaHealing technique is based on the psychosomatic principle that our mental programs, emotions and thoughts can cause physical, mental and emotional illnesses, in addition to blockages and unwanted behavior patterns. By consciously accessing the Theta wave brain frequency, you are able to work directly where we keep memories, sensations and beliefs, allowing you to identify and change what no longer serves you and reframe traumatic experiences, resulting in transformations and energy cures for those who receive it. the session or technique is applied.

In the Basic DNA of Thetahealing, you will learn the entire basis of the technique, and how to apply Thetahealing to yourself and others with dozens of tools, obtaining international certification valid in more than 150 countries and being able to practice as a Thetahealer after training.

The course is for those who want to really know themselves, heal themselves and free themselves from deep traumas, which are often in the subconscious, preventing them from moving forward, reprogramming limiting beliefs and manifesting all the abundance that is everyone's divine right us! 



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Anne is a Master & Science instructor of ThetaHealing®️, founder of Alegria Compassiva (formerly Global Healing Movement), deeply dedicated to ThetaHealing®️ since 2016. She has trained more than 70 classes and helped thousands of people through consultations and experiences. Her journey is always guided by the joy of her connection with the Source and the inspiration of all the healings and transformations she experiences and witnesses daily with the technique.


Marcela Arantes is the founder of Alegria Compasiva (formerly Global Healing Movement) and instructor dedicated to ThetaHealing®️ since 2016, with extensive experience in Brazil and abroad. Immersed in the holistic universe since childhood, she also facilitates Quantum Being courses and deep healing with emotions in the body, Sacred Sexuality, Art and Spirituality. In addition to being a multidimensional therapist, Babaji's Kriya Yoga teacher, cook and plastic artist, integrating all her tools and gifts at the service of transformation and creation of new paradigms of good living on earth.


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NOVA PORTAIS - Gradientes-06.png
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Understand how the Mind works - identify and resolve limiting beliefs of a physical, emotional, spiritual, financial nature.

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Learn about Soul Partnership; how to manifest and elevate your relationships;

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Learning to manifest in your life being in the Theta brain wave and its full power;

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Learn to do deep energetic clearings, releasing psychic attacks, and energetic divorce

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Learning what the Seven Planes of Existence are - the spiritual philosophy of the technique

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Activate the dormant strands of DNA and youth chromosome

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Remember your full connection with the Whole and the pure Energy of Creation;

Practicing a simple and practical meditation that allows you to FEEL. 

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Acquire various self-knowledge and transformation tools for your day-to-day activities and services;

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Be able to self-apply the technique and assist other people. 


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April 21, 22 and 23


04/21 - 18:00 to 22:30
04/22 - 09:00 to 18:00
04/23 - 09:00 to 18:00

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Online Live via Zoom Meetings
or In Person in Brasília/DF at
Astrea Space


Handout in PDF
international certificate
Official ThetaHealing® Book
Official website registration 

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BRL 1565.00

Amount subject to your credit card fees and / or taxes.

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