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Fri, Aug 25


Online Journey


Subtilization of body and mind to anchor the Higher Self and Divine Grace in matter

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Date and time

Aug 25, 2023, 8:00 AM GMT-3 – Sep 25, 2023, 10:00 PM GMT-3

Online Journey

About the event

From August 25th to September 25th  

We invite you to a month of integrative practices, working the physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual body, towards the integration of the Higher Self in the physical body. Your Higher Self, or ascended one, is the one that carries the luminous information of your energetic matrix and has the virtues that make up your essence. The more you integrate these frequencies into your physical body, the more well-being, health and vitality you will feel. In addition, you will begin to open more paths of joy, abundance and prosperity in your life. These practices will also help to open and amplify your intuition and psychic gifts. They follow the instructions of thetahealing creator Vianna Stibal, to prepare you for the most advanced courses in the technique, such as Plans of Existence and DNA4. Whether you are a thetahealing practitioner or not, this month will help you experience multidimensional expansion in a light and pleasant way. Our practices are simple to carry out and contain a huge power of transformation, see our schedule: Two live and online classes, with a multidimensional healing experience August 25th at 8am: opening September 14th at 7pm

physical detox Blood alkalizing and detoxification and deep body nutrition including: Nutrition and Health Juices Introduction of morning juices for health activation, nutrition and purification of the body. (including a simple e-book with recipes) Decreased consumption or fasting of three ingredients: You will have a powerful energy support and practices that integrate all bodies to gradually change your eating habits, in order to strengthen a diet that nourishes you and brings you deep health. OUR DETOX IS NOT RADICAL You will choose which way you want to practice. We suggest withdrawing or reducing the consumption of wheat flour, sugar and alcohol. The introduction of juices and other energy practices will help you in this transition to live the whole process in a pleasant and pleasant way.   I.e: YOU ARE WELCOME AND WILL BENEFIT A LOT EVEN IF YOU DON'T WANT TO STOP CONSUMPTING THESE THREE FOODS THIS MONTH.

habit detox

- fasting of criticism and self-criticism - claim fast Criticism and complaining are habits that acidify our bodies, weaken our immunity, and can quickly create a cycle of scarcity and suffering in our lives. We will lead you in a daily practice of purification of these habits.

- ask to buy a simple bracelet (practice for a week)

Introduction of new habits

- you will receive support from daily downloads (energy reprogramming that creates new cell receptors and neuronal pathways)

- morning and evening affirmation practices - practices of gratitude

Multidimensional Support

- Support from the wonderful egregore of Beings of Light

- Two live and online experiences of Multidimensional anchoring and healing


  • Registration + Course

    Registration: BRL 350.00 Course: BRL 3,510.00

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