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PYRAMID ALCHEMY w/ Hiro Miyazaki
PYRAMID ALCHEMY w/ Hiro Miyazaki

Sat, Apr 30


Online Webinar

PYRAMID ALCHEMY w/ Hiro Miyazaki

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Date and time

Apr 30, 2022, 2:00 PM – May 01, 2022, 5:30 PM

Online Webinar

About the event

Are you ready to meet your highest destiny?

When I visited the Great Pyramid in 2007 with a group of psychic friends, we crawled through a passageway inside the pyramid and came to a point “at the bottom of the passage that ends in a wall”. (Thoth, Emerald Tablet Chapter V) This was the first step of initiation in ancient times. We then went through various meditation exercises in the King and Queen's chamber, to finally complete the initiation process that spanned several lifetimes. After that day, my life started to change drastically. I found my life mission in healing/meditation practice and changed my career to fully do it. My practice has grown in 35 nations. I made friends around the world to support each other in our life missions.

I feel responsible for guiding others to do the same process I did back then, and that is the purpose of this workshop. What is the benefit? This serves as a rebirth to a soul conscious life. In practical terms, you will be aligned on the path to fulfilling your life mission in the best possible scenarios.

Are you ready to meet your highest destiny? In this workshop, you will go through a series of meditation/visualization exercises according to the initiation process described in the oldest and deepest spiritual wisdom on the planet – the Emerald Tablet of Thoth (aka Hermes Trismegistus).

5 Stages

Stage 1: The Well

The path to the well and the small tunnel tests your ability to conquer your fears.

Stage 2: Queen's Chamber

You will lift your energy through the chakras and expand beyond the physical body, and you will stand before the king's chamber.

Stage 3: King's Chamber

You will be guided to enter the king's chamber and lie down in the sarcophagus. Then you will be guided to go deep into the earth to ask permission to enter the Amenthi Hall. If you are successful, you will connect with the flower of life, you will receive revelations from great masters. In another meditation, you will step out of the pyramid and experience oneness with all creation in the cosmos.

Stage 4: Queen's Chamber

You will meet Thoth and activate Merkabah, the vessel of your lightbody.

Stage 5: Manifestation

Manifest your most desirable new life, where your life mission and human desires are aligned, and call your promised people into your life.


Meditation 1: Overcoming Fear and Connecting with the Light

Meditation 2: Activating the Lightbody with the Tantric/Kundalini Method

Meditation 3: Finding Thoth and Descending to Amenthi Hall

Meditation 4: Oneness with the Universe

Meditation 5: Stabilizing the Lightbody through Activating the Merkabah

Meditation 6: Manifesting with the Power of the Great Pyramid

Who should participate in this Workshop?

This course is not for beginners, but for experienced practitioners of meditation, energy healing, yogis or any other practitioner of spiritual teaching.

May this information touch the hearts of those who are ready to fulfill their highest destinies.

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