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Planes of Existence

Thetahealing® Course

A deep dive within yourself, as YOU ARE ALL THE PLANS OF EXISTENCE!

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As you are already a practitioner of ThetaHealing, you already know that the Planes of Existence underpin the entire philosophy behind all the seminars and books of this technique that has already helped to change the lives of many people.

In this course you will have the opportunity to learn and experience in depth, with specific exercises for each of the 7 Plans of Existence proposed by Vianna Stibal! And after this dive into each of the 6 planes, you will experience the connection with the 7th Plane, with the Creator of All That Is, in a surprising way!

This course will open up new possibilities in the process of developing your self-mastery!

Are you ready to take that one more step towards the Light?

The Secret to experiencing the MOST AMAZING CONNECTION to the Creator of All That Is, and truly activating the MASTER by remembering the universal knowledge of the ThetaHealing philosophy!


PRESENTIAL in a magical place with nature very well located in the heart of Brasília/DF. 


Do you feel that call to expand even more? Has that moment arrived for a profound quantum leap in your experience with THE SEVEN PLANS OF EXISTENCE? 


In this course you will have the opportunity to learn and experience in depth, with specific exercises for each of the 7 Plans of Existence proposed by Vianna Stibal!


The secret to his big turnaround! 

One of the most advanced and strong courses in the technique, a favorite of many. 


Let's delve into the VIRTUES FOR ASCENSION; 

to integrate YOUR SOUL AND HIGHER SELF on a cellular level into the physical space of your human body;

 heal through SOUND, use your SACRED NAME to work on all Planes, and MUCH MORE! 





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He is a Master & Science instructor of ThetaHealing®️ - Science certified 2 times and was Viannas assistant at Planos da Existência Instructor in 2021 and one of the only ones in Brazil to carry out Planos da Existence 2 on the ONLY TWO TIMES that Vianna taught personally in Montana . Being an instructor of more than 15 courses of the technique, and with more than 30 trainings, the highest degree of ThetaHealing ®️, one of the few in Brazil.

Fabrício, with all his knowledge in more than 30 courses in ThetaHealing, certified by the Official ThiNK Institute and by the channeler of the technique Vianna Stibal, is preparing a very deep course. He is a holistic and energy healing therapist and a scholar of the quantum and multidimensional world. It also brings research and performance in the areas of human rights, social, personal and human development and mental health, due to its degrees in Law and International Relations. It has always been deeply connected to human development, in a search for well-being from the perspective of the “whole”. He felt a spiritual call in 2018 and began a deep journey of self-knowledge and self-healing, where he opened himself to the infinity of Being and the Universe, also seeking the balance of what it is to live in human daily life.

He embraced his divine timing in support of humanity's transformation through Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, Kindness, Compassion and Courage. He believes that humanity and planet Earth are ready to live the Age of Spirituality without weights and without suffering and wants to share all the tools that allow us to evolve through love, joy, abundance and with lightness when we feel the full connection with the Energy of Creation, of the Creator of All That Is.

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NOVA PORTAIS - Gradientes-06.png
NOVA PORTAIS - Gradientes-06.png
NOVA PORTAIS - Gradientes-06.png
NOVA PORTAIS - Gradientes-06.png

Delve into the VIRTUES of Ascension

Use your SACRED name to work on all planes

Integrate your SOUL and HIGHER SELF into level cellular in the physical space of your body

The Most Amazing Connection to Prime Creator


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10/10 - 10/14


9 am - 6 pm


You and the Creator + Intuitive Anatomy
You and the Creator + Inner Circle + World Relations

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Brasilia DF
Astrea Space - South Lake


Official Book "Planes of Existence"
International Certificate
coffee break

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Access to Meditation Gardens, Old Women's Square, Water Path

SoundHealing with various instruments as 6th Plane of Existence experience 

+ optional extra activities: OSHO active meditation, Yoga, waterfall trip, Nature medicine. 


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BRL 5555.00

in cash
or R$6000.00 in up to 10 interest-free installments

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