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Reiki I 
The Awakening

Tibetan Usui

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Through the laying on of hands by the Reiki Therapist, the harmonic vibrations of the energy of the Universe (King) are radiated to re-establish the balance of the vital energy (Ki) of the recipient. This energy has the ability to act holistically, that is, fully and simultaneously at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, where it promotes the replacement and distribution of energy intelligently according to the needs of each one.


This Course is for you who are looking for an easy and practical tool to assist in your process of self-knowledge and expansion of consciousness.

It is an opportunity to understand how we can benefit from the universal creative energy and be able to help family and friends.


Reiki is an energetic alignment therapeutic practice, with no religious affiliation and recognized by the World Health Organization. It was channeled in Japan in the early 20th century by Dr. Mikao Usui,  introduced in the United States of America around 1940 by Mrs. Hawayo Takata, an American of Japanese origin. Today, Reiki is present in all major hospitals in the world, including here in Brazil, being used as a complementary healing therapy, from the pediatric ward to patients with severe illnesses.

Reiki is gentle, welcoming, and loving energy that can serve as a great help to our SELF HEALING.


At level 1 you are initiated with a sacred symbol CHOKU-REI and enter the lineage of the Tibetan Masters. You will be able to assist as a Reiki energy channel after the Level 1 course, so you can channel Reiki into yourself, assist in the process of other people, animals, plants, energize water, food, crystals and soooo much more!

It is a call in your heart, feel and come to be part of this beautiful group.




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Daniela has been a Holistic Therapist for over 15 years, where she spent and lived incredible experiences  within spirituality and as a Master and practitioner of Reiki therapy. 

Graduated in Administration and founder of the Ondas da Alma Company, she has already contributed to the formation of countless Reikians and today facilitates other courses such as Thetahealing (with more than 20 seminars as a practitioner), Stellar Quantum Table, Arcturian Multidimensional System and will soon train new Multidimensional Therapists .

Dani's Reiki courses are very expansive, as she seeks to convey as much information as possible from this entire trajectory. Daniela lived for a long time looking for answers, trying to rescue her own power and live with more lightness and prosperity. Today, in her courses and in her services, she helps people in this process of self-development and expansion, where being spiritual is safe, far from suffering and battles.  


We invite you to connect with the loving energy of this Instructor who follows her soul purpose with great honor and gratitude wherever she goes.

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Self-Awareness and Expansion of Consciousness 

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Have an easy and practical tool to apply in your day and increase well-being and quality of life 

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Apply the laying on of hands for self-healing and assist in the process of your family and/or clients

Energize crystals, water,  food and clean environments


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August 17th and 18th


19:00 - 22:30 (GMT -3)


free for all people 

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Online via Zoom


PDF handout
Official Certificate

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BRL 380.00

Amount subject to your credit card fees and / or taxes.

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