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You and your Inner Circle

Thetahealing® Course

This course will help to manifest in your life the right people and friends who are aligned with your path of success and spiritual growth.

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you and your inner circle  it is part of the grid of Thetahealing's wonderful relationship courses. Having companies aligned with your success path helps you achieve your goal with greater lightness and harmony and this seminar was created to help you attract the right people aligned with your success and recognize them in your path. In this course you will learn to discern what level of development the people around you are at and you will learn what they are and the different stages of the mind: the infant stage, the adult stage and the sage stage.


  People who are still in the infant stage are people who need a lot of encouragement and energy.  When they are in the adult stage, they no longer need encouragement, but they encourage their children and help others. So, at the sage stage, they are building the whole community.

As a healer, if you are immersed among people who need constant encouragement daily, you may feel tired and drained daily as well. So some of the people in your inner circle could be people who encourage you and bring that energy back to you. You will take a test to see what mental development you are in. Then you will learn what you need to do to get where you want to be.


In this amazing course you will learn questions such as: why your inner circle changes so much, why you change friends and what kind of friends you need around you so that you can be nurtured and feel good so that you can give back to the world. Your inner circle directly interferes with your path and the frequency at which you vibrate .






He is a Master & Science instructor of ThetaHealing®️, being an instructor of more than 15 courses in the technique, and with more than 30 backgrounds, the highest graduation of ThetaHealing®️, one of the few in Brazil. Fabrício, with all his knowledge in more than 30 trainings at ThetaHealing, certified by the Official Institute ThiNK and by the channeler of the technique Vianna Stibal.
He is a holistic and energy healing therapist and a student of the quantum world. She also brings research and activities in the areas of human rights, social, personal and human development and mental health as her background, also due to her degrees in Law and International Relations. It has always been deeply connected to human development, in a search for well-being from the perspective of the “whole”. He felt a spiritual call in 2018 and began a deep journey of self-knowledge and self-healing, where he opened himself to the infinity of Being and the Universe, also seeking the balance of what it is to live in human daily life. He embraced his divine time in support of humanity's transformation through Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, Kindness, Compassion and Courage. He believes that humanity and planet Earth are ready to live the Age of Spirituality without any weight or suffering and wants to share all the tools that allow us to evolve through love, joy, abundance and with lightness when we feel the full connection with the Energy of Creation, of the Creator of All That Is.


Marcela Arantes is an instructor dedicated to ThetaHealing®️ since 2016, invited by NOVA Portals, with extensive experience in Brazil and abroad. Immersed in the holistic universe since childhood, she also facilitates Quantum Being courses and deep healing with emotions in the body, Sacred Sexuality, Art and Spirituality. In addition to being a multidimensional therapist, Babaji's Kriya Yoga teacher, cook and plastic artist, integrating all her tools and gifts at the service of transformation and creation of new paradigms of good living on earth.

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Manifesting the right people aligned with your success

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Learning the different stages of the mind

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Understand the reason for the oscillations in your inner circle

Test to find your mental stage


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June 3rd and 4th


10:00 - 18:00
Brasilia Time (GMT -3)


Dig Deeper

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Online Live v ia Zoom Meetings


PDF Handout

International certificate

Simultaneous translation into English

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R$ 1397.00

​In cash or R$1,541.70 in up to 10 interest-free installments

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