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You and the Creator

Thetahealing® Course

After this course, consciousness changes dramatically.

All your experience, all information is literally spread on the shelves, there is a RELOAD of consciousness.

You will learn to understand the true vibration of intuition.

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In this course students will understand and identify each aspect / voice of the different levels of belief in the subconscious mind itself. How their bodies really work on problem solving and how they can really differentiate between communicating with the Creator's energy and communicating with the ego or the Higher Self.

Remember that the Creator is an energy of perfect and pure love. It is a love that knows. And it will change your life. This energy, this vital force, is in all atoms, they are part of you and part of everything around you. We will learn the difference in judgment and how to work and reorient your subconscious to work for you.

We are a family owned and operated business.

In You and the Creator, we talk about the super computer that is the brain, the aspects of the conscious and unconscious mind, the 4 aspects of each level of belief, such as the voice of survival or the voice of the ego that we hear in our minds. We learn to differentiate our thoughts from the voice of the Creator, or the thoughts of other people and beings. We do deep work and exercises, like being stuck in the past and also how to reset our mind to the new. This is all to train our minds to receive clear messages from the Creator of All That Is about everything we want and can access. You will develop your confidence in the most important tool of the ThetaHealing®️ technique: Digging. Learning and developing your ability to perform auto-digging, and thus, training how to work with other people with excellence, being a clear communication channel with all the Plans of Existence.



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Public servant, graduated in law, mother of two and therapist. Her first Thetahealing®️ session was in 2017 with therapist Junia Cascaes, in Brasília. A watershed in your life.


During the session they worked on many beliefs regarding their position in the world, their parents, their marriage and motherhood. From that day forward, he opened himself even more to self-knowledge and the search for his essence. There, he began to understand how he was reading the world through the lens of his family, his culture, and especially his past “mistakes”.

The search for his truth resulted in another session, and that was when he received an invitation to participate in the first Thetahealing®️ course: Basic DNA. From there it didn't stop anymore. Several courses came, countless cures and a totally different way of seeing your reality. He went from being a victim to being a co-author of his existence.


Today, her job is to help willing people like her to change their reality through this enchanting technique, offering both therapeutic sessions and training courses in Thetahealing®️.

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Understanding our deep self

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Greater clarity in communication with the Creator

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Understand your divine self

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How to connect with your intuition

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What are the fears of truth and how to cure them

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How to distinguish information - where, when and whose voice speaks, which part of the subconscious.


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November 13th and 14th 


9am - 5pm
Brasilia time

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Online Live v ia Zoom Meetings


PDF handout
Tlink International Certificate

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R $ 1397.00

Amount subject to your credit card fees and / or taxes.

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