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Thetahealing® Course

Dive deep into
self-love to live a
divine relationship!

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The Soulmate Course aims to deepen understanding of beliefs and fears related to the search for a soulmate, and to clear blockages and limiting programs related to sex, self-confidence, authenticity, freedom, sacred masculine, and sacred feminine.

According to the Hermetic Principle of Gender, the masculine and feminine essences are manifested in everything - these two essences are always in action. This applies not only to the physical plane but also to the mental and spiritual planes. The Principle of Gender operates towards generation, regeneration, and creation, as described in 'The Kybalion'.

Remember that love is present everywhere, but if we are not fully open and aware of everything around us, it can easily go unnoticed, even without us realizing it! - Vianna Stibal.





Master & Science ThetaHealing® Instructor, the highest level of this technique. Additionally, he is a holistic therapist and energy healing specialist, with a profound study of the quantum world.

With academic backgrounds in Law and International Relations, he also has experience in areas such as human rights, social development, mental health, and personal development. This diverse background enriches his holistic approach.

In 2018, Fabrício felt a spiritual calling that led him to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and self-healing. He opened himself up to the vastness of Being and the Universe, seeking balance between everyday human experience and spirituality. In this process, he found his purpose in assisting the transformation of humanity through Unconditional Love.

He believes that humanity is ready to live without suffering, and he wishes to share all the tools that allow us to evolve through love, joy, abundance, and lightness, while feeling a deep connection with the Energy of Creation.


Instructor of 11 ThetaHealing® courses, she is here to help you expand and transform your life through this powerful technique. With over 30 certifications in this field, Talea is passionate about helping people discover their potential and live with more ease.

With an academic background in International Relations and Law, Talea has had a successful journey in the corporate world as a Risk Management Consultant. Today, she integrates her knowledge of business, career, talents, personal development, relationships, self-awareness, and spirituality to help her clients and students anchor power, talents, and divine essence in their lives.

Her mission is to be the guide on the journey of authentic expression of who you are, so you can live a life aligned with your purpose and mission. Talea believes that everyone has a unique purpose in this life, and her goal is to assist you in fulfilling it, allowing you to naturally express your true self.

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Understanding of soulmate types

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Release of fears in romantic relationships
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Reprogramming of 150 limiting beliefs
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Resignification and healing of past relationships
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Expansion of self-esteem and self-confidence
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Manifestation of a compatible soulmate


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May 23rd, 24th, and 25th


8:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Brasília Time (GMT-3)


Dig Deeper

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Online Live via Zoom Meetings
With English translation


"ThetaHealing® - Find Your
Soulmate" book
PDF workbook
International certificate

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US $ 530

Value subject to credit card fees and/or taxes.

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