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Mon, Jun 13


Online course


Healing through the heart - Training for therapists

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Date and time

Jun 13, 2022, 6:30 PM – Jun 15, 2022, 6:30 PM

Online course

About the event

Channeled by Hélène Abiassi, Multidimensional Therapy  consists of codes and initiations that allow access to our multidimensional portal: THE HEART!

It is an ascension therapy based on the new energies already available on our planet. True ascension allows you to anchor the frequency of divine love on our planet and the vibration of the masters and the entire fraternity of Light. By accessing our multidimensional portal we can enter dimensions and energies that are losing or blocking the person here in the 3rd dimension. All work in TMD is done from our heart chakra. This chakra connects us to all other dimensions and therefore allows us to transmute what imprisons or limits us here in this dimension.  

In the Multidimensional Therapy course, the student will be initiated into the energy of the Ascended Masters and will have their heart chakra activated.   In addition, he will meet your multidimensional team that will allow you to perform therapeutic treatments on yourself, on other people and also on animals at a multidimensional level. The purpose of this therapy is to contribute to healing and releasing the client from ties to the 3rd and 4th dimensions by restoring their higher connections, as well as planetary healing.

The content consists of theoretical knowledge about the technique and also in moments of initiations that will allow the student to be, after graduation, a healing channel.   Among the planned initiations, we can mention:  

*Violet flame initiation by Master Saint Germain;

 *Initiation to the Blue Light of Sirius – by master Adama, dolphins and whales and the blue beings of Sirius; 

*Initiation to the Rose Energy of Orion – by Lady Venus, Pegasus and the Horses; 

*Initiation to Rose Petals – by Rainha Santa Isabel;

 *Initiation to the peace of unity with God – by Archangel Michael;

There is no prerequisite. Anyone aged 8 and over can take this course. (Children must have parental consent). It is not necessary to be a therapist.  At the end of the course, the student will receive an International Certification as a Multidimensional Therapist and the official PDF book.


  • Cash payment

    This ticket includes course participation and an International Certificate as a Multidimensional Therapist The amount of R$818.00 is for cash payment via transfer or PIX. Get in touch and tick manual payment.

  • Deferred payment

    Payment in installments via credit card. Subject to installment fees.




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