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Sat, May 15


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This seminar will help you develop, strengthen and deepen your connection with your partner.

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Date and time

May 15, 2021, 7:00 AM – May 16, 2021, 6:00 PM

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About the event

If you have ever lived or are in a loving relationship, you may have already felt the power it exerts in our lives and how much it can transform us. Relating is a great opportunity for self-knowledge and also for spiritual evolution, it is a dive into yourself and the other. You and your Partner - ThetaHealing®, is a seminar created to work the blocks that prevent us from living in harmony with our partners, allowing our relationship to work for us and for our development. A course with lessons from practical life, addressing the relationship in daily life, involvement with in-laws and mothers-in-law, with the children of this relationship and other relationships, the aura of the relationship, the rules of the couple, fights for superiority, the relationship with the my money/your money/our money, sex, blocks and obstacles transmitted to us by our ancestors, about feeling in a team and about renewing a relationship. This seminar is not only for those who want to build a solid and strong partnership with their Soul Mate, but for everyone who wants to reprogram limiting beliefs primarily of genetic and historical origin around relationships. It is a course not just for couples, but for everyone who wants to develop a partnership relationship, with the highest potential. It is also not a course on couples in a specific gender identity, as we will look at the male and female roles we play in the relationship and which we often do not even notice. Historically and genetically, we carry memories of obligations and duties about what a marriage should be like, the relationship with children and with money, pre-established roles, blocks and taboos. This seminar is a great opportunity to look at your relationships with maturity and clarity, going far beyond the fear of loving and being intimate with someone. IN THIS COURSE YOU WILL LEARN: *Work your fear of love; *Work your relationship in all areas such as: friendship, children, partner's children, sex, money, relationships with in-laws...; *Understand the roles of Male and Female in a relationship; *Recognize and Work on beliefs that block intimacy and trust; *Activate the Love Gene; *Learning to read and work the Aura of the Couple; *Learn how to really love the other and allow yourself to be loved back; *Remove Ancestry blocks on relationships, marriage and love *Create rules of coexistence for the couple. And much more! The course is fully practical with exercises and session exchanges. *The course will be online, will not be recorded and has practices. **Check the schedules. ***90% course attendance is required to receive the certificate. MATERIALS INCLUDED IN THE COURSE * Official handout - Sent by email. * International Completion Certificate recognized by THINK/ThetaHealing®. Institute of Knowledge * Register on the Official website Have pen and paper for notes during class. SCHEDULE Days: May 15th to 16th From 9:00 am to 6:00 pm with lunch break arranged with the group.

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