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Multidimensional Therapy

We are multidimensional beings and our heart is the gateway to access these other dimensions and higher consciousness. 

Aglomerado de estrelas
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Channeled by Hélène Abiassi, multidimensional therapy was born in Paris. The channeler received codes and initiations from the Beings of Light that allow access to our multidimensional portal: THE HEART!

It is an ascension therapy based on the new energies available on our planet. True ascension allows us to anchor the frequency of divine love on our planet and the vibration of the masters and the entire brotherhood of Light. By accessing our multidimensional portal we can enter dimensions and energies that are missing or blocking the person here in the 3rd dimension.

All work at TMD is carried out from our heart chakra. This chakra connects us to all other dimensions and therefore allows us to transmute everything that imprisons or limits us here in this dimension.

In the course of Multidimensional Therapy, the student will be initiated into the energy of the ascended Masters and will have their heart chakra activated.

In addition, he will get to know his multidimensional team that will allow him to carry out therapeutic care on himself, on other people and also on animals at a multidimensional level. The purpose of this therapy is to contribute to the client's healing and release from 3rd and 4th dimensional links by restoring their higher connections, as well as planetary healing.


The content consists of theoretical knowledge about the technique and also moments of initiation that will allow the student to be, after graduating, a healing channel.

Among the planned initiations, we can mention:

*Initiation to the Violet Flame by Master Saint Germain;
*Initiation to the Blue Light of Sirius – by master Adama, dolphins and whales and the blue beings of Sirius;
*Introduction to the Rose Energy of Orion – by Lady Venus, Pegasus and the Horses;
*Initiation to Rose Petals – by Queen Santa Isabel;
*Initiation to the peace of unity with God – by Archangel Michael;


There is not. Anyone over 8 years old can take this training. (Children must have a parental consent form). It is not necessary to be a therapist.

At the end of the course, the student will receive International certification as a Multidimensional Therapist and the official PDF book.



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Public servant, graduated in law, mother of two and therapist. Her first Thetahealing®️ session was in 2017 in Brasília. A watershed in your life.


During the session they worked on many beliefs regarding their position in the world, their parents, their marriage and motherhood. From that day forward, he opened himself even more to self-knowledge and the search for his essence. There, he began to understand how he was reading the world through the lens of his family, his culture, and mainly through his past “mistakes”.

The search for his truth resulted in another session, and that was when he received an invitation to participate in the first Thetahealing®️ course: Basic DNA. From there it didn't stop. Several courses came, countless cures and a totally different way of seeing your reality. He went from being a victim to being a co-author of his existence.


Today, her job is to help willing people like her to change their reality through this very charming technique, offering both therapeutic sessions and training courses in Thetahealing®️.

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NOVA PORTAIS - Gradientes-06.png

Expansion of consciousness;

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Energetic, spiritual and intergalactic cleansing, including the dense energies of this dimension

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learn to trust and deliver

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Emotional Strengthening and Energy Rebalancing;

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Rescue our wits and bring us to the here and now;

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Rescue our inner child;
and dissolve emotional and karmic blockages;


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August 14th and 15th


9am to 5pm
*Brasilia time

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Online Live via Zoom Meetings


PDF book
international certificate

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BRL 919.00

Amount subject to your credit card fees and/or taxes.

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