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True Alignment With Your Soul Purpose


Are you ready to awaken and manifest

the life you want?

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If you are compelled to help others and wake them up, spreading love and joy makes you

happy if practicing or teaching ThetaHealing or any other healing technique makes your

warm heart and your soul happy, then this seminar is for you.

This is a seminar for every ThetaHealing practitioner or instructor who believes or feels

that healing and helping people is your life's purpose, or one of your purposes, and that

ThetaHealing is part of your divine timing.

This two-day seminar is designed to make ThetaHealing easy for everyone.

Practitioners and Instructors follow your path, fully live your life purpose and allow

abundance and success in their lives.

This seminar was inspired by my journey, the struggles and challenges I had to face

overcome so I get in my way and allow my Divine timing to work for me

and bring me the success, abundance and joy I was manifesting.


When I first got certified as a practitioner and instructor, and realized that this is my

in divine time, things were not easy at first. I faced challenges and blockages that left me

unmotivated, made me doubt that this was my path and that I can succeed in it, made me

lose my trust. I also struggled a lot to have a steady stream of clients and students.

coming towards me. I started to believe that I don't have what it takes to succeed in my life.

mission and that I shouldn't follow my heart.

But it wasn't until I understood what true alignment means and how to really be aligned.

with my purpose, that everything changed and my success started to grow.



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Elias Kanakri

Born in Lebanon in 1979, studied Business Marketing and moved to Dubai in 2003 and worked in the Advertising area for 14 years.


In 2015, I plummeted financially and emotionally, and I went through a very dark and challenging phase that led me to almost give up on life.

I started looking for new ways to heal myself, to understand myself and understand the reasons behind the negative patterns that followed me throughout my life. I was looking for a way to take control of my life and change my reality and be able to create the life I wanted and felt worthy of.

And that's when I discovered ThetaHealing and started my spiritual journey.

ThetaHealing changed my life and was the practical tool I needed to truly understand myself and re-engineer my deepest negative subconscious beliefs that I was unaware of and that were creating struggles, pain and negative patterns in my life.


In 2016, and after realizing that helping and awakening others is my life purpose and what really fulfills me, I decided to leave the corporate world (after working in advertising for 14 years) and follow my heart and become a full-time ThetaHealing Practitioner and Instructor.

In 2019, I launched my new ThetaHealing Elective Seminar ''True Alignment with Your Soul Purpose'', endorsed by Vianna Stibal, Founder of ThetaHealing.

I returned to Lebanon in 2022 and now I practice and teach the Thetahealing technique online.

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- Understanding yourself and your life and the journey that leads you to your divine path

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- Self forgiveness, self love and knowing your divine self

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- The ability to tap into your divine essence and use your power with love

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- Live your life with unconditional trust in the Creator of all that exists.

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Reconnecting with your Divine Intention and reach a point where the only motivation

is love and joy

Understand and remember your soul promise with your soul family


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July 15th and 16th
9 am to 4 pm (GMT -3)

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Prerequisite: Digging Deeper

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R $ 460.00

Registration fee



Course fee - paid directly to the instructor via PayPal

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